Do you charge for travel in Ireland?

No, the price that you see for the packages is the actual price; there are no hidden costs.

We're not sure about getting a videographer, as we're worried that it will be intrusive on the day.

Wedding Wonders are renowned for being unobtrusive.  We don't intrude in the flow of the day, we step back and zoom in and get the best shots, without anyone having "a camera in their face".  As you can tell from all of our videos we want to remain unseen and capture the natural expressions of people enjoying the day.  

Do you put all of your wedding videos online?

No, it is completely up to each couple.  You can share your highlights online, or with privacy password protection.

Do you have back-up equipment on the day?

Yes we do! We normally shoot with 3-4 multicamera setups on every wedding, so we have duplicate gear should anything go wrong.

Can I choose my music selection?

 Of course, generally we like to get around 6 to 10 songs from each couple, as we find this works best.  The more songs chosen, the better.  On the other hand, some couples prefer not to choose any at all and to leave it up to us, and that is absolutely fine too. 

When will we get the videos?

We aim to have your films delivered to you between 4 - 6 weeks from the wedding days (provided that we are in receipt of the couple's music selection).  90% of weddings are delivered within that time-frame.  There are a small percentage of videos around the really busy times (e.g. Christmas!) that may take an extra couple of weeks. 

Will you hold the day for us?

No, we can't take provisional bookings.  We have numerous enquiries every week, and in order to be fair to everyone we operate on the basis that receipt of the deposit and our confirmation of same secures the date.  

How do I book?

Once you have confirmed with us that your date is available, and you let us know that you want to go ahead with the booking, we will forward on details of how to pay the deposit, and once that is received and acknowledged your wedding is booked and the date secured.

If we book you, who actually films and edits our wedding video?

We don't outsource any part of the filming and editing process of your wedding day, it is all done by Ivan.  When you book with Wedding Wonders, you are not just buying a product, you are booking the expertise of the filmmaker and paying specifically for his services.